A Bit About Us

So, before I write about some deep, meaningful topics (or rather about crafts, recipes, other things that tickle my fancy), I figured I’d introduce our little crew, since this blog will pretty much centre around them. 

Like I mentioned in the first installment of this extravaganza, I’m happily married to my best friend. We’ve been married for over 7 years now and have made three really cool kids in the process. Since we are both teachers and self-proclaimed nature nerds, we focus on being outside as much as possible, learning about our natural world. My husband is a camping/canoeing/becoming-grizzly-Adams sorta guy, which complements my searching, identifying, exploring nature pretty well. Our kids are all happier and more at ease outdoors as well which is how we like it! (More on that some other time).

In 2011, we welcomed our firstborn, a calm, quiet, polite kid who never likes to ‘rock the boat’ or see anyone else try to either. Our Moose is such a gentle soul who loves trucks, soccer, karate and Pokemon Go (oy). He’s honestly the best big brother and friend to his sisters I’ve ever seen. He loves his family fiercely, has a very special bond with his Memaw and Puppa and can’t wait to go to school every day. He’s the calm in our sometimes crazy existence. 

In 2014, our Baby Bird was born. Instantly a firecracker, she doesn’t let anyone push her around. Her sweet and caring soul shines through, even past her wild child ways. She is very much sunshine with a little bit of hurricane! She’s the instigator, the tease and the adventurer of our posse.  As trying as she sometimes can prove to be, I’m so glad we are raising a girl who is strong, opinionated and who knows what she wants! 

In 2016 we introduced our third bundle to the bunch. Sprout is a happy-go-lucky, calm blue ocean type, much like her brother (but dare I say with a little more spunk). She’s quick to giggle and grin at everyone she meets, along with a squeaky, ‘HI!’ and doesn’t shy away from things easily. She’s a cuddly, sweet, kid who eats like a champ and sleeps all night (can’t ask for more from a 7-month-old!) 

I already introduced myself in an earlier post and frankly, I don’t like to be redundant with such things. I’m sure I’ll be easy to figure out as we go along. I’m a little bit crunchy, tiny bit helicopter-y, and insist that my kiddos grow up to be respectful, caring, considerate and polite human beings. After that, I couldn’t care less! Again, the whole parenting philosophy thing will come out along the way…another post for another time. As for now, I’m looking at a pile of laundry to fold and a sink full of dishes to be washed. Oh the joys! 


Author: moosebirdsprout

I'm a nature lovin', teaching Mum of three crazy kids. Spreading the love however we can!

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