Fall Leaf ‘RE-LEAF’

I love fall. I mean, I LOVE, LOVE it. Every condescending meme related to fall calls to me. I AM that person. There is just something inherently cozy about the autumn. Sweaters, scarves, pumpkins, chrysanthemums, corn stalks, hay rides and the leaves. Oh, the leaves! Pretty sure I can’t put into words my love of the sensational colours, the brisk walks while  crunching through fresh falls, that intoxicating smell and the crafting.

Crafting with leaves is always fun with kids. There’s so much you can do with leaves, from just sorting games by colour, shape, size to making collections, to photography, leaf rubbings to wreaths and so much more!

Today was the first real day our two big maples gifted us with some coloured jewels on the grass so we jumped at the chance to get our crafty pants on.

I decided to start simple this year and do an old-school basic relief picture (re-LEAF picture if you will). I know that many bloggers have done their own takes of this craft that are more involved (cassiestephens.blogspot.com has a nice post about this) but for my little posse of artists, we kept it very simple.  They still turned out pretty cute so I’ll take it!

This one doesn’t take too much. You could probably grab what you need right now in your house and do this craft! We used tiny canvas from the dollar store (in comes in packs of three which works perfectly for us) or you can easily use cardboard or card stock.

If memory serves correctly, the common practice for this craft is to use spray adhesive but we just used some masking tape on the backs of the leaves.

Lastly we used regular old aluminum foil. Sorry baked potatoes, you had to share today!

We headed out to get a good collection of leaves to choose from. The kids had a blast comparing all the ones they found (nerdy mum helped them identify all the species).  Sprout did a little taste testing of most of them too (and got pretty miffed when I went fishing for leafy bits in her mouth).

Wha? I definitely am NOT eating this leaf. 

After a little leafy manhandling and fun with the tiny rakes (they are in for a REAL treat when all the leaves make their mass exodus), the kiddos picked out their favourites to make their pictures.

The premise is very easy. Slap little rolls of masking tape on each leaf’s pretty side and stick it to the canvas.

Not glamorous but it does the trick. You can use spray adhesive on the canvas then just stick the leaves on but I didn’t have any and felt safer using tape. 

Press firmly to get that tapey goodness on there.

Now grab a strip of aluminum foil and carefully lay it over top of the leaves. Wrap the edges around the back to stick it in place. You can tape it on there but we didn’t bother (though I’ll probably go back and tape it now I’m thinking about it).  Then, GENTLY rub or press all over the foil to press in the print of the leaves.

He’s a pro at this, even though he came home not feeling well today. Fresh air usually helps! 

She was ever so careful! (Slightly atypical). Well done, kiddo! 

See? So easy, even a baby can do it!

Make sure all areas are pressed so you can see the leaves (and the pattern of the canvas too if you use that). Then you’re done! Slap that beauty in a frame and you’re golden! They’d make awesome teacher/grandparent/whoever gifts.

NOTE: you can also cover the whole thing in cheap black spray paint then blot off parts to enhance the shadowing.

Looks great!

My reluctant crafter loved this activity too! 

Hope you are able to make this one with your littles (or on your own) too! Let me know if you do!

Love those leaves while they are pretty and not crusty and brown!



Author: moosebirdsprout

I'm a nature lovin', teaching Mum of three crazy kids. Spreading the love however we can!

3 thoughts on “Fall Leaf ‘RE-LEAF’”

  1. Thanks for the idea. We did it yesterday. Sam loved it, especially using the “clean technique” where the used a soft cloth to rub it.


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